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Amsterdam, The Netherlands or online
Working worldwide

I cannot make your life easier, but I can make it easier to live.

Intro and focus area

I am Tamara, a psychologist based in Amsterdam, working worldwide (online).

I help those who feel like:
* They've achieved all social milestones (education, family, job), but feel unfulfilled and chronically tired
* Who describe their life like "Groundhog Day" - endless and meaningless race to earn, provide and consume
* Who feel like the main part missing from their life is themselves
* Who want to change something, but don't know where to start

In psychotherapeutic literature we call this midlife crisis, but you don't have to call it like this.
You may simply experience it as a state of internal discomfort around the age of 30-50, associated with the bitter feelings that:

  • Some of our dreams will never come true
  • Life is not a never-ending upward spiral of bigger and better things
  • We don't remain young and unchanged forever
  • Most of our potential should have been realised already
  • The best and most interesting part of life is over

The core of my work is about freedom and choice, within the possible limits. After working with me you will find the answers to your Big Questions:
Who am I? What do I want? What is my life about?

I work with scientific precision (due to my PhD degree), always finding and combining the most modern and effective psychotherapeutic methods.

I value both my time and yours, hence I am not about long-term therapy. You will see the first positive results immediately. After 2 months of working together, you will feel alive again (or perhaps for the 1st time).

So, if you feel tired, burnt out, stressed, apathetic, or even depressed, living on autopilot, running on a hamster wheel, lets see what I can offer you.

See below how this works and what results you can expect after working with me.
Some info ABOUT ME
Dr. Tamara Markova - a psychologist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, working with people online.

I know how difficult it is to find a suitable psychologist. Evidence shows that to achieve positive changes, the personality of a psychologist matters more than the background, years of experience or the techniques they work with. The information below will not help you understand if we click, but it's nice to know.

To really understand if we can achieve a productive therapeutic alliance, it's best to just schedule a free intro call.
PhD in Organizational Behavior (Groningen University, the Netherlands)
Corporate career of +10 years in Organizational Culture & Strategy
Lecturer of Work and Organizational Psychology at University of Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit
Psychologist with counselling specialisation
Speaker for companies and large educational events

Trained in:
Existential Therapy
ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)
DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy)
MCT (Meaning Centered Therapy)

Member of ACBS (Association for Contextual Behavioural Science)
Why work with a psychologist?
You can find all your answers on your own, after all you are the biggest expert of your life. You can read hundreds of books, spend endless hours ruminating over issues with friends, follow lots of courses, training or workshops. And this may lead you finding out how to solve your issues. However, it will take years, perhaps even tens of years.

Psychologists are trained in guiding people by using effective instruments that work in most cases.

People who work with psychologists have a richer, more authentic and meaningful life. They learn to accept and love themselves, overcome painful emotions, thoughts and stop self-destructive behaviours.

My goals is not to "fix" or change you; it is to:

- Help you face life challenges in your personal way
- Train you in the art of living
- Assist you in developing mechanisms to deal with the inevitable problems, difficulties and crises
- Encourage you to live life by your own standards
- Explore your core values, assumptions and ideas

I enable you to get perspective, to make sense of the world and navigate life.
    the Program
    How Can We Work Together
    Please note that is not possible to buy one-time sessions. To maximise the chance of getting the required results, we have to make sure I guide you through the entire 8-weeks program.
    Diagnostic session (50 mins)
    The purpose of this session is to assess the fit of working together. For you, it's an opportunity to learn more about the process, my working style and approaches to therapy. To me, it's an opportunity to better understand your issues and see if it falls within my specialty.

    Session cost: FREE
    12-weeks program (50 mins)
    8 weekly sessions focussing on various aspects of your situation. The program is structured around helping you find the answers to your Big Questions:
    Who am I? What do I want? Why am I here?

    Besides, we work on training essential skills proven to advance your psychological health and wellbeing:
    * interpersonal effectiveness
    * being in the present
    * emotional regulation
    * distress tolerance
    * thought regulation
    * self-esteem
    * values detection
    * victim mentality shift

    Please connect to find out the program costs.
    Follow-up sessions (50 mins)
    If and when needed, we can meet for follow-up sessions to work on more narrow and specific issues.
    The Results
    Achieving the results is depends more on the client than on the therapist, but if you follow the process and trust my guidance, there are very high chances of achieving these outcomes.
    Understand yourself better
    Live with intention and awareness
    Lead a values-driven life
    Set and hold your personal boundaries
    Develop a strong inner core
    Create your "rules of the game"
    Book your 1st free session
    or send me your questions!
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