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Find Answers to all Big Questions

Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Working worldwide

I cannot make your life easier, but I can make it easier to live.

Hello, I'm Dr. Tamara Markova - a psychologist working with people individually, online or offline in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The psychological instruments and techniques I work with are modern, effective and scientifically validated. As required by the Code of Ethics, I am in constant supervision and undergo personal therapy.

PhD in Organizational Behavior (Groningen University, the Netherlands)
Corporate career of +10 years in Organizational Culture & Strategy
Teaching career at University of Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit
Psychologist with counselling specialisation
Speaker for companies and large educational events

Trained in:
Existential Therapy, ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy), MCT (Meaning Centered Therapy)

Member of ACBS (Association for Contextual Behavioural Science).
Why work with a psychologist?
You can find all your answers on your own, after all you are the biggest expert of your life. You can read hundreds of books, spend endless hours ruminating over issues with friends, follow lots of courses, training or workshops. And this may lead you finding out how to solve your issues. However, it will take years, perhaps even tens of years.

Psychologists are trained in guiding people by using effective instruments that work in most cases. Sometimes only one session is enough... a 50 minutes long session instead of tens of years.

People who work with psychologists have a richer, more authentic and meaningful life. They learn to accept and love themselves, overcome painful emotions, thoughts and stop self-destructive behaviours.

You may come to me with any issue, because usually the issues clients come with are not the real problem. My goals is not to "cure" or change you; it is to:

- Help you face life challenges in your personal way
- Train you in the art of living
- Assist you in developing mechanisms to deal with the inevitable problems, difficulties and crises
- Encourage you to live life by your own standards
- Explore your core values, assumptions and ideas

I enable you to get perspective, to make sense of the world and navigate life.
    Examples of issues clients come with
    • You question your life choices (e.g. marriage, career)
    • You don't know who you are (e.g. values, purpose, identity)
    • You encountered death (e.g. cancer diagnosis, loss of a loved one, life threatening accident)
    • You experience an existential crisis and question "what's life for?"
    • You are going through an identity or career crisis
    • You engage in self-destructive behaviours (eating disorders, addictions, perfectionism)
    • You experience depression, anxiety or burnout
    Difficult issues are never resolved by avoiding them.
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