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Based in Amsterdam, NL
Working worldwide
Find your answers to the 3 Big Questions:
  • -1-
    Who am I?
    Get a better sense of who you are, what are you true values, how can you be yourself in the world and what is the maximum potential you can achieve
  • -2-
    What do I want?
    Connect with your Future-Self, work with life scenario planning, discover your true path, aligned with your values and goals, and transition towards a more authentic living.
  • -3-
    Why am I here?
    Explore your sources of meaning and gain a deeper sense of happiness. Transition towards a (work-)life that reflects your values and is aligned with your purpose.
Coach with psychology education and/or psychologist
using coaching methods
Tamara Markova, PhD
Practicing psychologist and Existential Coach
  • Extensive education (PhD, MBA, psychology, coaching)
  • Ex-successful top manager in multinationals (M&A, corporate strategy and planning)
  • Ex-Board of Directors Member at a company with 300+ mln EUR turnover
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  • Education
    - PhD in Organizational Behavior (The Netherlands)
    - MBA in Strategy and Culture (Sweden)
    - Existential Therapy (UK, Oxford Univ.)
    - Existential Coaching (Austria)
    - Psychologist-consultant
    - ACT Therapist
    - Family and Couples Therapist
    - Emotional Imagery Therapist
    - I combine several methods always looking for an optimal mix that would provide maximal effectiveness for each client
    - The basis of my work is existential psychology and coaching, meaning- and future-centric methods

    - 10+ years corporate career in multinational in M&A, strategic planning, company culture
    - Board of Directors Member in a company with 300+ mln EUR turnover
    - Lecturer at the faculty of Work and Organizational Psychology at University of Amsterdam
    - Executive Education Program Director at Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam
    - Working under the supervision of mentor
    - Seeing my own psychotherapist
    - Constantly continuing education and development
    - Invited speaker at conferences and corporate events
    - Member of ACBS (Association for Contextual Behavioural Science)
Issues I Work With
If your issue is not on the list below, contact me to explore option anyway.
  • Search for Meaning
    Inner void, loss of meaning, existential crisis, wondering what is life about, searching for a more meaningful living and working
  • Life Transformation
    Personal growth, looking to transition to a more fulfilled living, aligning life with values and meaning, goal-setting, procrastination
  • Professional crisis
    Career-change, burnout, unhappiness at work, longing for a change but no clarity towards what, professional self-identity, impostor syndrome, self-worth
  • Future-self authoring
    Defining and connecting with your future-self, active life authoring, changing life scenarios, strategic life planning, goals and values
Why work with a psychologist or coach?
You can find all your answers on your own, after all you are the biggest expert of your life. You can read hundreds of books, spend endless hours ruminating over issues with friends, follow lots of courses, training or workshops. And this may lead you finding out how to solve your issues. However, it will take years, perhaps even tens of years.

Psychologists and coaches are trained in guiding people by using effective instruments that work in most cases.

People who work with psychologists-coaches have a richer, more authentic and meaningful life. They learn to accept and love themselves, overcome painful emotions, thoughts and stop self-destructive behaviours.

My goals is not to "fix" or change you; it is to:

- Help you face life challenges in your personal way
- Train you in the art of living
- Assist you in developing mechanisms to deal with the inevitable problems, difficulties and crises
- Encourage you to live life by your own standards
- Explore your core values, assumptions and ideas

I enable you to get perspective, to make sense of the world and navigate life.
    30 mins
    Intro Call (online or offline in Amsterdam)
    60 mins
    Standard session (online or offline in Amsterdam)
    90 mins
    Couples Therapy Session
    The Results
    Achieving the results is depends more on the client than on the therapist, but if you follow the process and trust my guidance, there are very high chances of achieving these outcomes.
    Understand yourself better
    Live with intention and awareness
    Lead a values-driven life
    Set and hold your personal boundaries
    Develop a strong inner core
    Create your "rules of the game"
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