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  • Psychology Consultations
    Individual sessions (online or offline) with the psychologist to find more existential fulfilment with oneself and the world around.
  • Guest Speaking*

    1-2 hrs keynote or guest speaker engagements to help your team activate the internal psychological mechanisms for more happiness at work
  • Impact Workshops*

    2-4 hrs workshops where the science and practice of happiness at work are combined. Inspiration, bigger-picture and more happiness is guaranteed
* To inquire about the Speaker Card and rates please send an email using the contact page
Focus Areas
Is your issue not on this list? Do contact me about it anyway to investigate the fit of working together.
  • Existential crisis, "What is life about?"
  • Meaninglessness, lack of purpose
  • Identity crisis, "Who am I?"
  • Career crisis, professional unhappiness
  • Grief, bereavement, loss
  • Anxiety, depression, hopelessness
  • Coping with life after cancer
  • Feeling stuck, trapped
  • Going back to work after cancer
  • Personal crisis, quarter or mid-life crisis
  • Eating disorders, difficult relationship with food
  • Coping with life changes (e.g. divorce)
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