10 Essential Books for Cancer Survivors

Cancer survivors struggle with many things: anxiety, loss of personal identity, meaninglessness. Dealing with negative emotions after the treatment is often much more difficult than the treatment itself. The reading list below is my personal selection of books to help you find meaning in overcoming life's obstacles, freedom to be yourself and deal with the existential despair.  

Recommended reading list for cancer survivors:

  1. Michael Newton - Journey of Soul 
  2. Gary Zukav - The Seat of the Soul 
  3. Viktor Frankl - Man's Search for Meaning 
  4. Robin Sharma - Who will cry when you die? 
  5. Robin Sharma - The Man who Sold his Ferrari 
  6. Paulo Coelho - Veronica Decides to Die 
  7. Hermann Hesse - Siddhartha
  8. Alan Watts - The Book 
  9. Irvin D. Yalom - Staring at the Sun 
  10. Pema Chodron - When Things Fall Apart